A Year in Berlin

An Englishman abroad

Vogelsang: A Soviet ghost town

It’s been a while since we did a bit of ‘Urbex’ (urban exploration) – particularly of abandoned sites. Blame it on the winter. We did a cluster of them last … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, Digital Cosmonaut posted this lovely photo of Śródmieście, Warsaw. I recognised it instantly, as I’d taken a very similar shot when I visited Warsaw in 2007. … Continue reading

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Making films, meeting friends

Almost five years ago, 60 or 70 people crammed into Fuel Café Bar in Manchester to watch My DDR T-Shirt. It was the first time the film had ever been … Continue reading

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The Sternburg stigma

I first visited Berlin in March 2005. I knew absolutely nothing about the city. I was on my own but I knew one person and we agreed to meet up … Continue reading

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Best laid plans

While travelling along the B96, en route to another abandoned sanitorium, we noticed a grey monument at the side of the road. We saw it too late and were driving … Continue reading

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Breaking into Beelitz

I know I’m not the only one but I love a bit of dereliction. Discarded items in abandoned buildings have a very special poignancy. They’re a chance to see what … Continue reading

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The curious tale of Tegel’s Boeing 707

If there’s anything I’ve learned about Berlin, it’s that everything has a history. Everything. And if something looks a little out of the ordinary, that’s because it is. We’re trying … Continue reading

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