A Year in Berlin

An Englishman abroad


Okay, Germany isn’t Somalia and Berlin isn’t Mogadishu. Granted. But in preparing for the move to Berlin, I have been struck by the collywobbles more than once. Call me a … Continue reading

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Language barriers #1

I’ve numbered this blog as I expect the topic will crop up quite frequently. After all, I’m moving to Germany without being able to speak the language. Hmmmm… I know … Continue reading

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A thoughtful wee

Okay, I’m going to go off on a tangent here. There’s something odd about urinals in Berlin. And I don’t like what it does to me. In the UK, public … Continue reading

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Find Apartment…tick!

One short trip to Berlin and one giant leap towards our plans for 2011. We have chosen an apartment in Berlin! Nearly two weeks ago, we boarded an EasyJet flight … Continue reading

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Apartment hunting

Well, tomorrow we fly to Berlin. We have two days to race around the city looking at apartments. I can’t wait to get there. It’s strange. I love travel and … Continue reading

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Mapping the future

I spent the best part of a day the other day looking for cheap accommodation in Berlin. I need to find somewhere for an apartment-hunting visit in mid-November. We don’t … Continue reading

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Where to live?

A few days ago, we booked some flights to Berlin. It’s not our farewell to England just yet, it’s just an apartment hunting visit. Between now and take off, we … Continue reading

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Berlin coat

I’m no clothes horse. I rarely spend money on clothing and I hate shopping. It’s a living hell. Having said all that, I have a strange tendency to project aspirations … Continue reading

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A new blog, a new beginning

Let me be honest. At this moment, I’m not in Berlin. I’m sitting in the UK and making preparations for redundancy. My job in the UK ends in December and my partner Kirstie and I are planning to move to Berlin.

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