A Year in Berlin

An Englishman abroad

Berlin bloggers

Berlin is full of creative people. They come here from all over the world and they all seem to write blogs too! Some are about travel in general, some are about Berlin but they all seem to write more frequently than I do.

Here’s a very, very small selection, in alphabetical order and with an inadequate one-line description…

Abandoned Berlin – Hardcore exploration, going futher (so far) than the rest of us.

andBerlin – Urban exploration, graffiti, burgers and a special interest in Stolpersteine.

Back to Berlin…and BEYOND – Seattleites Ian and Ebe – having the time of their lives in Berlin (and beyond) and blogging it.

Cheryl Howard – Canadian travelling around Europe like there’s no tomorrow.

Digital Cosmonaut – Urban explorer, a penchant for Soviet stuff and lots more.

Explorer in Berlin – Learning what they can about Berlin, blog by blog.

Nicole is the New Black – Nicole’s take on life in Berlin with a touch of Copenhagen.

Sandy in Berlin – An American ‘social media marvel’ working hard in Berlin.

Slow Travel Berlin – Perhaps the best blog about Berlin out there.

Travels of Adam – Itchy footed Texan travelling as widely as possible.

überlin – Photography, fashion, food and their French Bulldog Olive – and lots of other stuff (but they don’t alliterate with f/ph quite so well).

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