A Year in Berlin

An Englishman abroad


Berlin is an amazing place. It fascinated me from my very first visit in 2005. I even went on to make a film about it called My DDR T-Shirt. But beyond the fascination, there’s something about Berlin that feels like home. Considering I can’t speak German, this might sound strange.

It was a bit of a dream to move to Berlin. An aspiration rather than an ambition. I thought it would be a chance to learn something of the the language, discover more about the place and experience life in one of Europe’s great capital cities. After all, you only really get to know a place when you live there. In 2010, my partner and I made a commitment to move and make the necessary arrangements for a year in Berlin. We made it a reality in Febraury 2011.

As things have turned out, we knew almost as soon as we arrived in Berlin that a year might not be enough. So, fairly early on, we made a commitment to stay longer – but we don’t know how long…

So, perhaps it’s not an accurate name anymore but A Year in Berlin is the blog dedicated to recording some interesting Berlin experiences. I could/should write more often but I don’t want to write out of obligation – We also have freelance work to do, hobbies to pursue and documentary films to make.

I’ve almost completed one film while in Berlin, A Nuclear Family. It’s nothing to do with Berlin but perhaps it’s worth a look at the trailer.

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