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Best laid plans

While travelling along the B96, en route to another abandoned sanitorium, we noticed a grey monument at the side of the road. We saw it too late and were driving … Continue reading

22/06/2012 · 9 Comments

The curious tale of Tegel’s Boeing 707

If there’s anything I’ve learned about Berlin, it’s that everything has a history. Everything. And if something looks a little out of the ordinary, that’s because it is. We’re trying … Continue reading

27/03/2012 · 3 Comments

Ignorance is bliss

Yesterday was a big day for UK public sector workers. Although I’m over here in Berlin, I’m not totally out of the UK news loop. Most of the people I … Continue reading

01/07/2011 · 4 Comments

All in the head

I’ve done about 20 screenings of My DDR T-Shirt with accompanying Q&As. I’ve been asked lots of questions, some crop up over and over again, others are more challenging. I’ve … Continue reading

13/06/2011 · 1 Comment

Another Year at the Freiluftkino

I can imagine a group of stoners, hiding away in a disused, derelict factory, sitting in a circle , smoking some weed and getting carried away. ‚ÄúThis place would make … Continue reading

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A strange day in Berlin

I’m not going to start by apologising for the lack of blogs. I mean, nobody reads this stuff anyway. I’d only be apologising to myself… Okay, I’m sorry! Alright? I’m … Continue reading

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Okay, Germany isn’t Somalia and Berlin isn’t Mogadishu. Granted. But in preparing for the move to Berlin, I have been struck by the collywobbles more than once. Call me a … Continue reading

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